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Welcome to the farm

Farming is at the heart of Farndon Fields. It’s where we started (back in 1983), what the business has been built on through the years and what we love doing every day. The farm is made up of 550 acres of farmland in the beautiful rolling Leicestershire and Northamptonshire countryside. On our farm, we grow over 40 different varieties of potato, fruit and vegetables only meters away from our farm shop. We also grow wheat, oats and oilseed rape.

Working with the seasons is the best part of growing food. We can’t help but get excited when we get to taste the first strawberry pick of the year or the fresh new potatoes lifted from the earth that morning. There’s nothing more satisfying and we love sharing these moments with our customers. That's why we fell in love with farming.

Over the past couple of years, our small herd of Tamworth pigs has grown to include three breeding sows and a bore. Our rare-breed Tamworth pork is sold through our butchery when it is available. Keep an eye out for it when you next pop in!

The Judith Field

A stunning ridge and furrow grass field on our farm that is home to ‘The Judith Stone’ is also home to a local farmers sheep who graze the grass through the Spring, Summer and Autumn. You’ll find this very lamb in our Butchery which is slaughtered at a local abattoir and butchered on site at Farndon Fields.

Meet the farm team

Kevin and his team work together to plant, look after and pick the large array of fruit and vegetable crops throughout the year.

The Farndon Fields Farm team
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