Spring is the start of the growing season and it’s a hive of activity with the farm team busy planting fruit and vegetable crops. These are planted in succession with two week gaps between each crop so we can ensure when it comes to harvest time there will be a constant supply of ready-to-pick produce for the Farm Shop.

Potatoes are where it all started and today they’re still Kevin’s pride and joy. April is potato planting time and conditions must be just right for planting. Each year we plant around 40 acres of potatoes split between several varieties. Our best sellers are Orla, Wilja and Shannon, but we'll also be planting some other delicious potato varieties for you to try.

Asparagus: a savoured fresh Spring vegetable we can’t get enough of! The asparagus season is a short one, traditionally only lasting 6 weeks from early May through till 21st June. We grow 5 acres of asparagus on the farm which is carefully handpicked every morning so it’s fresh and full of flavour when you buy it in the Farm Shop.

Farndon Fields famous strawberries: Kevin’s second favourite crop which he’s been growing for over 30 years. The first strawberry plants are planted in late January and we continue to plant them in succession through till the end of May. This ensures we have a delicious supply of fresh strawberries in the Farm Shop from May through to the end of September. Our strawberries are grown under polythene tunnels which protect them from the varying British weather.

asparagus growing in the field