Our Summer starts when the strawberries turn red and the days start to get longer. The strawberry season starts in late May (weather depending!) and continues through the Summer until the end of September. We're always excited at Farndon Fields when we get to taste the first crop of our famous strawberries. They're the sweetest strawberries around, lovingly handpicked and delivered to the Farm Shop every day. We also grow amazing raspberries and blackberries to add to the fruit table in the farm shop.

In Summer the farm team will also be harvesting our other salad and vegetable crops. We'll be planting crops too so we’ve got a bountiful supply of Winter vegetables to look forward to.

In July Kevin lifts the first crop of early potatoes. This year they will be Accent potatoes, perfect for potato salads and enjoying alfresco. Most of the main crop potato lifting happens in September so this crop is much earlier; the first taste of our new season potatoes.

In late Summer the wheat, oat and oilseed rape crops are combine harvested. This is a frenzy of activity to beat the wet weather and combine the crops when they are dry.

Combine harvesting wheat