A Farndon Fields favourite we're famous for; our sprouts on the stalk! We know it's Winter when it's time to cut the sprout stalks and deliver them to the farm shop up to 3 times a day (they're that popular!) In Winter the farm team are also busy picking the fresh vegetables typically in season during the Winter months; cabbages, leeks, carrots, kale and cauliflowers. The produce is picked every morning at daybreak and delivered straight to the Farm Shop. You can’t get much fresher than that!

It's also the season for Christmas Trees. On the farm, we grow mainly Norway Spruce trees with some Nordman Firs. These are cut fresh through December and sold in the Plant Centre at the Farm Shop.

In January the farm team take the opportunity to prepare the strawberry poly-tunnels. They are covered in polythene sheets and the table tops are prepared for planting. The first strawberry plants are planted at the end of January which will be ready for picking in late May. The rest of the strawberries are planted in succession so we have a supply throughout the whole of the Summer through till late September.

Winter is the time for the farm team to catch up on some maintenance jobs and machinery servicing before the growing season starts again. The barns normally get a good tidy up and everything is ready for the frenzy of planting to start in the Spring.

Winter - Side 2
Planting strawberries