Our Story

Farndon Fields is a first generation family business founded by Kevin Stokes in 1983 when he ploughed the grass fields and planted the first potatoes at Farndon Fields Farm. The potatoes were sold from the farmhouse and soon the farm shop was born. Kevin and Milly have together grown the business and today it consists of a 550 acre farm and a large farm shop selling the farm’s produce along with an extensive selection of local and British food. Farming is at the heart of Farndon Fields. It’s where it started, what the business has been built on through the years and what Kevin loves doing every day.

Milly joined Kevin at Farndon Fields in 1989 and brought her interior design skills to the business. She designed the farm shop layout and displays. In 1998 the farm shop had outgrown the farmhouse garage and Milly designed a new purpose built farm shop in the field next door which is where the farm shop is situated today. Since then the farm shop has expanded four times adding more facilities, the Butchery, Deli and a café. The latest project has been the extension of The Farmer's Kitchen in 2015 which Milly designed.

Farndon Fields has now been going for 34 years with Kevin and Milly Stokes at the helm. The business continues to grow and develop; some processes may have changed with the times but the vision is still the same at Farndon Fields; to be the ultimate destination to experience local food and farming.

Kevin & Milly with the dogs
We Grow - Side 3