Grown on our farm

The farm is the heart of Farndon Fields it's where we grow over 40 different varieties of potatoes, fruit and vegetables only meters away from our farm shop. Working with the seasons is the best part of growing food. We can’t help but get excited when we get to taste the first strawberry pick of the year or the fresh new potato lifted from the earth that morning. There’s nothing more satisfying and we love sharing these moments with our customers.

All our produce is handpicked every morning by the farm team and delivered straight to the farm shop. The journey is a matter of meters, not miles, so you can enjoy fresh food at its best.

So visit us and find out what real locally grown produce tastes like in the Leicestershire, Northampton and Kettering area.

On our farm we grow...

Potatoes: Kevin grows varieties of potatoes that have the best flavour and cooking qualities. We grow over 40 acres of potatoes each year on the farm, they are all hand selected and bagged by our farm team ready to be sold in the farm shop.

Vegetables: Our range of vegetables changes slightly every year but family favourites like cabbages, cauliflowers, broccoli and leeks are always on the list. Kevin and the farm team plant the vegetable crops in succession so we always have vegetables ready to harvest throughout the year. Handpicked everyday, these are the freshest vegetables in town and full of flavour. Top sellers include our brussel sprouts on the stalk, asparagus and curly kale.

An Autumn favourite is always our pumpkins! We grow lots of different types of colours so there’s a full range of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from. Pumpkin is also great to cook with and definitely worth giving it a try!

Grown on our farm - Side 2
asparagus growing in the field