Lincolnshire Drizzle Company: Marinades

Currently in the farm shop we have:

  • Cajun Sauce & Marinade (GF & VE): Sweet Cajun spices with a good kick of chilli heat. A fiery blend of Lincolnshire grown Rapeseed Oil, white wine vinegar, herbs and spices to give you all the exciting tastes of cajun cuisine.
  • Moroccan Style Marinade (GF & VE): A sticky, spicy blend of warm North African spices and Lincolnshire grown rapeseed oil. Marinade chicken or Lamb for a couple of hours and Roast, BBQ or grill.
  • Spicy BBQ Marinade (GF & VE): A smokey, sweet and sticky blend of spices, balsamic vinegar and Lincolnshire grown Rapeseed Oil.

Available to buy in the farm shop or order using our telephone ordering service.

Price: £POA