The story of the Farndon Fields strawberry

Believe it or not, here at Farndon Fields we've been growing strawberries for over 30 years! Since we started growing them they quickly became one of our best sellers and most anticipated crops.

Kevin with his strawberries back in 1994

The strawberry story starts when we plant them in late January and continue to do so to the end of May. This means we have a crop of delicious strawberries ripening from late May right through to September.

Once planted we keep them in polythene tunnels to protect them from the varying weather. This means they can be kept warm and dry whatever the British Summer throws our way and makes for much happier strawberry plants.

Our strawberries ripening in the polytunnel

Summer really starts when our Strawberries start to turn red. You may have noticed that we get a little excited at this point and even decorate the Farm Shop with our giant strawberries to celebrate their arrival.

Once our strawberries have soaked up the sunshine and ripened to perfection they are carefully handpicked and delivered daily to the farm shop.
You can either buy these by the punnet or enjoy them with fresh local cream in the Farmer's Kitchen.

Our strawberries being handpicked on the farm

Many people don't realise just how close the farm is to the shop! Our strawberry tunnels are actually only 500 metres from the farm shop. So when we say Farndon Fields strawberries we really mean it, the longest journey these strawberries have are the trip back to your home!

Hopefully, you've tried our delicious strawberries and will agree that they're the sweetest strawberries around. That's because Kevin prioritises the flavour of the fruit and chooses strawberry varieties that produce the sweetest strawberries. Kevin has always made sure that his strawberries are packed full of flavour and picked at the perfect time. So come and pay us a visit and treat yourself to a punnet.

Watch how our Farndon Fields strawberries grow ☀️🍓