Farndon Fields Team Farm Tour 2019

Farndon Fields Farm Team 2019, tour of the farm at Farndon Fields, Market Harborough

After a busy summer we gathered up the team and headed down to the farm for our annual farm tour.

The team piled onto the back of the trailer as Kevin drove us around the farm and showed us the variety of crops that are growing on the farm this year. It was fantastic to see how the pumpkins are coming along and it really got the team excited for the upcoming Pumpkin Farm experience next month.

After a request from Jo (Front of House Manager, Farmer's Kitchen) we ventured across the fields to go and visit the Judith Stone. We have a photo of the infamous stone in the Farmer's Kitchen which our customers always ask about, so we all went to go and see it for ourselves. It turns out the Judith Stone isn't a type of rock that is found locally and hence why it's a point of interest for walkers in the area. Some people think it was transported here by glaciers thousands of years ago. Another theory is that it was a corner stone marking the estate of Countess Judith, neice of William the Conquerer, who is recorded in the Domesday Book as owning land in the area.

After our detour to the Judith Stone, everyone enjoyed the sunset over the farm whilst being driven back to the farm yard to dig in to a homemade dinner prepared by our Head Chef, Luciano. He'd rustled us up a few of Farndon Fields' classics and a some of the new dishes from the Autumn menu for us all to try.

It was a fantastic opportunity for the team to see what is growing on the farm and for everyone to enjoy a relaxed evening with good food and good company.

A big thank you to all our team for their hard work and dedication to making Farndon Fields a great place to visit. We couldn't do it without them and glad so many members of the team could enjoy the evening with us.